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SMi Source will change the way your organization...

Delivers training by enabling you to break down the walls of traditional learning and finally provide a user-tested and industry-endorsed approach that today's Life Sciences professionals across all functional areas want... and need.



SMi Source is a powerful, forward-thinking, on-demand
learning library.



SMi Source consists of hundreds of comprehensive courses and thousands of microlearning topics.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

SMi Source covers a vast array of disease and therapeutic areas in a single source.

A video is worth a thousand words

When trying to explain something, we know that it's better to have something a little more engaging than just reading text on a screen. After all, we make our living delivering multimedia content. So, here's a 20-second video overview of SMi Source.

Why people love SMi Source

  • Elevates employee competency, performance, and productivity levels
  • Provides a more flexible, sustainable model across the enterprise
  • Aligns various functional areas, ensuring a common lexicon of training
  • Significantly reduces time and cost to develop custom, ground-up training
  • Integrates with any LMS, intranet site, portal, and/or third-party application
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) ready
  • 400+ full course and 16,000+ microlearning topics
  • Mobile enabled - accessible anytime, anywhere on any device
  • Combines Google-type navigation simplicity with accurate, reliable, and up-to-date multimedia learning content presented in an engaging YouTube-like format
  • Bite-sized, micro-content format critical for today's modern learning needs
  • Provides quick, intuitive search and retrieval of critical information at the point-of-need
  • Drives self-directed learning and engagement that can be applied on-the-job
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  • Frees resources from time and cost burdens of building, updating, and maintaining training
  • Trusted, current, and fully-referenced content
  • Supports both traditional and modern learning methodologies
  • Perfect for onboarding, foundational learning in addition to continuous, refresher training
  • Custom curation with integrated tools to:
    1. Share, download, and repurpose multimedia content
    2. Build and assemble new courses from existing topics to meet specific needs
    3. Upload and deploy user-generated content, including PPTs, course objectives, tables, images, assessment questions
  • Real-time usage reports on system activity

An ever-growing & continually expanding library

Science is complicated and constantly changing, but our content and writing teams stay abreast of global breakthroughs, new disease areas, treatment options, and industry changes — so you don't have to! Our teams are constantly adding and updating SMi Source's disease, therapeutic, and medical content to ensure that it remains accurate and current, eliminating that burden from you.

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