Train your trainers

  1. As you plan for a launch, how do you build an understanding of your indication?
  2. How do you create a common understanding between Subject Matter Experts and Medical Affairs?
  3. How do you ensure the quality of your information?

ScienceMedia has the largest disease state eLearning resource for Life Sciences. Let us address diseases while you concentrate on what makes your company unique.

    1. 24/7 access through a Google-like search bar from any device.
    2. Use the training as foundational material in global curricula and sales launch planning.
    3. Incorporate material into your sales training, while using accompanying storyboards and citations for product and regulatory reviews.
    4. Use our platform to collaborate with SMEs and Medical Affairs without involving IT, LMS, and eLearning development.

Do your reps use Google and Wikipedia on the road?

  1. Though significant resources are spent on launch training, are your reps accessing the training from the field?
  2. Have you licensed coaching and just-in-time training platforms, and now need microlearning content to deploy?

ScienceMedia's SMi Source is a searchable content platform for your reps to use in the field.

    1. Our content is easy to find and access from anywhere.
    2. You can vet the content through your review process.
    3. If your company does not require a review of unbranded material, then the disease information is easily licensed and added to your repository.

Expand your medical education with launch training

ScienceMedia develops start-of-the-art education for commercial teams.

    1. We are experts in medical/science education, which is now more import than ever with increasingly complex therapies and indications.
    2. We have an existing repository of materials that can serve as a starting point in creating your custom product training.

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